PulseChain Airdrop

What is the PulseChain airdrop?

An airdrop in the cryptocurrency world is where the creators or a new crypto coin/token “drop/send” free quantities of their coins to crypto wallets such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, etc for free to certain people. This typicall happens when a new crypto launches to attract new adopters with free tokens or free coins.

Well, the creators and developers of PulseChain, such as its head Richard Heart, has announced that come launch time for PulseChain, there will be a quasi-airdrop. Just as a heads up, the final details of this airdrop are not set in stone and are subject to change before the actual launch of PulseChain.

PulseChain airdrops are a marketing technique used by blockchain projects to distribute free tokens or cryptocurrency to PulseChain holders. These tokens are distributed for free to a large number of users who hold a certain amount of PulseChain in their wallets. Airdrops are usually used to promote new blockchain projects, encourage user adoption, and create a community around a project.

Airdrops work by requiring users to hold a certain amount of PulseChain in their wallets, usually during a specific time frame, to be eligible for the free tokens. The tokens are then distributed to the users who meet the requirements. Airdrops are typically announced on social media channels, forums, and other online communities. Users can participate in the airdrop by following the instructions provided by the project team.

Airdrops can be beneficial for both the project and the users. For the project, it is a way to promote their project and attract users to their platform. For the users, it is an opportunity to receive free tokens and potentially make a profit by selling them at a later time.

It’s important to note that not all airdrops are legitimate, and some may be scams or fraudulent. It is always advisable to research the project and the team behind it before participating in an airdrop.

How do I get in on this free airdrop?

You dont have to do anything! All coins and tokens you hold on the Ethereum ERC20 network in your wallet will be automatically copied over and cloned on the PulseChain network, simple as that…really! For example, if you have say 50,000 HEX in your wallet, you will automatically get 50,000 HEX for FREE on the new PulseChain network. This goes for all ERC20 tokens you have, in any amount.

Important: Assets that are on an exchange such as Kracken, Binance, and Coinbase will not be copied. Only assets on a wallet on Ethereum will be coped over free.