Has the PulseChain PulseCon Vegas Been Cancelled?

Just today we all saw a video plea by the founder of PulseCon 2022 Las Vegas, FreedomTV saying that the event was in financial hardship and they needed an emergency donation of $350,000 USD to keep the convention afloat. The unofficial PulseChain convention is scheduled for September 6-9 of this year and had booked convention spaces, booths, and hotel rooms at the Resorts World in Las Vegas. There has been no official word from the organizers on whether or not the event has officially been cancelled. As we know, we had all expected PulseChain to launch by now and the organizers are citing the lack of launch as one reason for needing funds.

The good news, however, it seems a few organizers are trying hard to schedule and salvage events around PulseCon including concerts, golf tournaments, dinner gatherings and more for those who had already planned on attending the PulseChain convention.

We are planning on receiving a schedule in the coming days showcasing the times and locations of these events and once its in our hands, we’ll share it with you all.

Also, the details on refunds on hotel rooms and tickets purchased for PulseCon are still cloudy and once we hear more about that, we will share it as well.

Author: admin