Staking PLS Pulse on PulseChain – How To Stake

Everyone’s been wondering how to stake their PLS tokens once PulseChain officially launches. The actual method for how you’ll be able to stake i.e what will the staking URL be or how to connect details are still fluid and being changed. However, we do know quite a bit about how staking on PulseChain will work:

  • There will be a total of 33 “Validators” you can choose to stake you PLS with. These are the people and teams who have servers who will be processing all transactions on PulseChain. You stake your PLS with them to support their tech and efforts. In return, the validator or validators you stake with will reward you with a % of PLS they receive from transactions. Each validator will offer a different % return on your stake. You’ll be able to see which validators offer what % return on your stake and have the best “reputation” by checking their network status which is just a checks and balance if they drop transactions or have issues processing transactions.
  • You will be able to stake your PLS for a minimum of 28,000 blocks (about 24 hours) also know as a full cycle.
  • You can add stakes to multiple validators at the same time, you are not limited to just choosing one at a time. However, adding onto an active stake resets the timer for all of your stakes so it will take longer to end stake if you add on.
  • Stakers will be paid/rewarded PLS based on their share of the total pool allocated to the validator you have chosen.
  • You must stake at least 0.01% of the total amount staked to the validator to be able to be paid/rewarded.

Here are some screenshots of what staking on the PulseChain TestNet currently looks like. If you’d like to test out the staking process on test net, click here. This is all subject to change:

Author: admin