PulseX Might Be The Largest Crypto ICO Ever

PulseX, dubbed the “Uniswap for PulseChain“, is approaching to become the largest Crypto offering ever. Granted, PulseX is not an Cryptocurrency ICO or IDO, yet it is a sacrifice where crypto enthusiasts sacrifice their crypto to a project in hopes of receiving PulseX (PLSX) tokens in return.

Today marks Day 13 of the PulseX sacrifice phase and if you wish to participate, do so now as the rate of $1 USD of crypto sacrificed to earn you PLSX increases 5% every day.

As if today, the sacrifice amount is very close to approaching $1Billion with over $800,000,000 in sacficie deposits sent from the Ethereum network. The top sacrifice pool is at $47,000,000. Bitfinex was at a $1,000,000,000 ICO and within a day or so, PulseX might match it and is easily expected to topple the top ICO ever.

If you are interested in participating, check out PulseX.info.

Author: admin