PulseVerse – a NFT Marketplace – is Coming to PulseChain

Everyone knows the craze aroud the crypto for the past 6 months has been the installation of NFTs and NFT marketplaces. With most of the larger ones such as OpenSea being on Ethereum and the gas fees being insanely high, PulseVerse plans to launch on PulseChain to give NFT collectors super low transaction fees to buy, sell, mint, or trade their NFTs.

Here is an overview of PulseVerse:

Being developed by a young entrepreneur and programmer, PulseVerse will allow users to create NFTs on the PulseChain blockchain. Therefore, no upfront gas costs or transaction fees. PulseVerse hopes to capitalize on the Ethereum to PulseChain airdrop as most of all the NFT and creatives on that network will be copied over for free. This will give PulseVerse and other NFT marketplaces a head start in creating traffic and transactions.

On top of that, some other features that PulseVerse boasts include a storefront for all sellers and users, convenient search functionality, listing creating and status, auctions, ranking and favorites, and a PulseVerse wallet which will allow users to send and transfer cryptocurrencies as well as their NFT collections.

As avid NFT collectors ourselves, we are anxious awaiting NFT marketplaces and NFT creators to work on PulseChain. Watch the video below for a basic overview of how PulseVerse will work.

To check out PulseVerse’s website, click here. For their Twitter, click here. For their Telegram channel, click here.

Author: admin