Introducing KhaosVerse – A Future PulseChain Token, Bridge & Liquidity Provider

In a fast growing lineup of PulseChain projects and tokens comes KhaosVerse. Born out of a consortium of crypto developers, designers, marketers and crypto enthusiasts comes an ambitious project that aims to be a bridge, swap, and liquidity provider for those using the PulseChain network and holding the Pulse PLS token.

Some background on their team is that they are comprised of developers, marketers, content creators and designers amongst other titles and needless to say they are a rather large team. Not necessarily a bad thing for such a large and ambitious project.

Now into the main event: KhaosVerse the project: Khaos Bride.

What is KhaosVerse? Well, one of the largest hurdles for any new crypto network is finding or building a bridge for assets on other networks to be carried over to the new network. KhaosVerse plans on doing exactly this from the Ethereum Network onto PulseChain. We asked about the progress of this part of their project and they hope to have this online by the time PulseChain Network launches.

On top of their building of a bridge, they also plan “Khaos Swap” which will allow users to find liquidity pairs to the swap in exchange for a percentage of transaction fees generated by users trading the assets provided. Here is a clip from their white paper on the topic:

“First investors who want to provide Liquidity Pairs to the swap in return for a % of transaction fees generated by users trading the assets provided.

On the other side of that we will be providing a platform to those coming into Pulse Network with tokens that they may want to swap or trade for something else and thanks to our users providing LP there will be the means for them to do so.

We are creating opportunities for those who want to benefit from providing service, as well as serving our share of a new market.”

They also have plans to get into the NFT market on PulseChain, more details to come at a later date.

Now about the actual KhaosVerse token: Khaos will release a native token which we believe is yet to be named and will be sold in a pre-sale in the coming weeks. No date nor sale price has been. One thing we can confirm is that there will be 100,000,000,000 native Khaos Verse tokens in circulation. No work if it will be deflationary.

Their team members that we have had discussions with have answered all of our questions and were transparent.

To learn more about KhaosVerse, they encourage all interested in their project and coin to join their Telegram channel which can be found by clicking here. For their official website, click here. For their official Twitter, click here.

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