PulseShiba Joins the PulseChain Network With a Free Airdrop

By now we are all familiar with the famous (or infamous?) Shiba token that has taken the crypto world by storm on the Ethereum network. It is the talk of the crypto world and now, it appears that a PulseChain project with a similar namesake will be joining the network. It is called PulseShiba and here is what we know thus far about this coin:

For starters, they are fully embracing the Shiba meme, saying they are the most badass doge character in crypto – The PulseShiba! Gotta love it.

PulseShiba Logo

However, PulseShiba looks to not just be another meme coin. They plan on doing a free 1:1 ratio airdrop on PulseChain to all current PulseShiba holders once the network launches. So that means if you hold any PulseShiba (currently on BSC network), you will get a free copy of your PulseShiba on PulseChain. Not a bad deal.

The supply of PulseShiba is also decent at around 10,000,000,000. We haven’t confirmed if if this amount will be the same supply on PulseChain. Also, the same team works on both PulseShiba and PulseBomber. You could say they are kind of the same project. We will have a review of PulseBomber in the coming days.

Another main feature they boast is that PulseShiba liquidity is locked for 365 days. Add that on top of their Staking feature (more details to come on that) and you might just have a winner here. They have also hinted in their Telegram channel that the developers might give special whitelist privilege to PulseShiba holders on future PulseShiba projects.

More information to come on PulseShiba, but we have spoken with their admin and developers and they were friendly and forthcoming. As always, please do your own research and due diligence on any crypto project.

Here are the links to the official PulseShiba Website, Twitter, Telegram.

Author: admin