Meet, a PulseChain Project with a Sacrifice Phase and Much More! token logo

What is the name of your project/coin? Ticker LOVE

What is your website & social media?

When do you plan on launching?

PulseChain main net launch

Describe your project and its benefits: (Ticker Symbol: LOVE) is a new cryptocurrency designed for micro tipping, censorship resistance, worldwide adoption and made for the highest possible value appreciation. The cryptocurrency is monetizing social interactions on social media, metaverse, ecommerce, and gaming. Use cases allow businesses, brands, influencers and customers to connect peer to peer and to interact and incentivize creators, online shopping, reviews, referrals, engagement, and all other activities that are very relevant to any brand or business in the world today.

Will you be offering a free airdrop/sacrifice/ICO and if so, to whom?

Sacrifce to general public

How much will be owned by the founders of the project?

1% OA 1.95% Team

Who are the members of your team?

Anders Johnsson CEO, Miguel Del Rosarion CTO, Volker Plöchl CFO, Paal Johnsen CMO, Frederik Lund Legal, David Pouchie PR, Tayfun Sert Mobile Pay Dev, Corey Costa Ambassador, Dasha Palamarchuk Community Manager, Montana Darby Community Manager, Dan Black Social, Brianna Gianis Community, Mark Yong Community, Teodor Lupoae Solidity Dev, Greta Kania Business Ambassador, Andrew McIntyre Media and Entertainment

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