Introducting – Earn Up To $200 FREE PLS Every Hour on PulseChain!

A new project planning to launch on PulseChain is offering anyone the chance to win up to $200 of FREE Pulse (PLS) tokens every hour. Yes, you read that correct, you get FREE PLS every hour. If you missed the PulseChain/PLS sacrifice and want to have PLS the minute PulseChain goes live, FreePulse might be your best option. Here’s how it works:

  • Visit their homepage. (Don’t worry we’ve inspected the website and it is safe and legitimate).
  • Complete the simple Captcha puzzle to make sure you’re not a bot.
  • Each hour, you can roll a lucky number to receive FREE Pulse PLS, guarenteed.
  • Then, with your free PLS, you can immediately cash out to your wallet which took only 10 seconds for our withdrawl on the TestNet (and its free, no fees).
  • Or, you can play some of their very fun and entertaining games to win even more Pulse! There are currently only 5 games available but more are in development.

We have talked to the creators of FreePulse and have thoroughly vetted them and this is not a scam and is a legitimate website on PulseChain. Withdrawals are free to your wallet and you can cash out whenever and as often as you want! So if you’re looking to get free Pulse PLS on PulseChain, you definitely should pay a visit! (You cannot redeem/withdrawal any PLS you earn until PulseChain launches, this project is just in test mode for now)

Author: admin