SYNC Network (And their Cryptobond NFTs) Is Coming to Pulsechain!

As we promised we have some news to share for the future of PulseChain! SYNC Network, which is currently on Ethereum, is planning on launching on PulseChain and plans to be ready on launch day.

So, you might ask: What is SYNC?

Simply put, its an ERC-20 crypto and NFT creator of sorts that lets you stake and lock your SYNC tokens which are then placed in a “Cryptobond” as they call it. The total amount of SYNC is inflationary or deflationary depending on Cryptobonds. Pulsechain SYNC Cryptobonds can be bought and sold as well. You can lock your liquidity pool tokens from 90 days to up to 3 years! When you lock up your liquidity, all of your tokens are collected inside the NFT. A very interesting concept indeed.

A Cryptobond contract will let their holders mine SYNC by staking, somewhat similar to PulseChain staking, said bond between SYNC and Uniswap liquidity provider tokens/pools. (Don’t we love staking?) What truly makes these bonds special is that they are tradeable NFTs, which as you may know have become the hit of the crypto world. These come with SYNC mining.

An example of a Cryptobond NFT.

SYNC will also have DeFI Lending Platform: You can use your “Cryptobonds” as collateral on their P2P lending platform/marketplace. Which, inevitalbly allows SYNC holders more flexibility with all the liquidity that they may have locked up. Watch the video below for a very brief yet well detailed explanation of how SYNC and Cryptobonds will work on PulseChain.

So in a simple sentence, SYNC will bring the creation of NFTs, Staking, and DeFi Lending to the PulseChain Network. Trifecta!

As with anything, we are pleased with the transpartency of SYNC and how open their team have been with us. We don’t endorse any projects, however this one will undoubtedly be popular amongst NFT enthusiasts and will be a welcomed addition to the PulseChain network.

Where can I buy SYNC on Pulsechain? Since PulseChain has not yet launched, SYNC is not available yet for purchase.

SYNC Whitepaper: Click here.

SYNC website: Click here.

SYNC Discord: Click here.

SYNC Telegram: Click here.

SYNC Twitter: Click here.

By the way, if you’re really enthusiastic about the future of NFTs, SYNC is creating a group of “Syncronauts” who gather at a “Space Bar” and will be discussing the future of their NFT projects. Click here to check it out!

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