The Highest of Stakes – Pulsechain Founder’s Documetary Trailer Released!

Today, a crypto documentary telling the journey of Pulsehchain‘s founder Richard Heart was released. Muse Storytelling, the production company behind the Pulsechain documentary posted the roughly three minute long trailer on its website.

The documentary starts out by certain cryptocurrency “influencers” arguing that HEX is a scam, however, immediately switches to Richard Heart, the Pulsechain and HEX founder arguing that he is winning this argument and that he has made so many rich because of HEX. It goes on to show testimonials from a few HEX holders and goes into tidbits about Richard’s life and those of people he’s helped created wealth by buying into HEX. According to the production company’s website, we can expect the full length version of the documentary to be released sometime later next year.

Check out the official trailer here: The Highest of Stakes

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