Meet PulseDoge – A New Coin & Free Airdrop on the Future Pulsechain Crypto Network

Is it possible to merge Pulse and the famous Doge communities into one? Or at least bring them together on Pulsechain? Well, it might not go down just like that, however a new coin has launched that promises to also launch on Pulsechain. It’s called PulseDoge, a cryptocurrency and it might not be just a meme. Already at a $1million market cap, the recently launched PulseDoge looks to spear head the first free 1:1 airdrop on Pulsechain. Here is what the developers of PulseDoge are highlight about their coin: (and oh boy, does this project have a ton of character)

  • No transaction fees, “dev/marketing allocations”, weird token burns etc. Just a solid token with a limited supply, oldschool style.
  • We use the HEX/Pulse/Richard Heart memesphere as our inspiration, and we used it to create this character… the “PulseDoge”.
  • PulseDoge will have a “real art direction” which will include a NFT side-arm project to be exclusively launched on Pulsechain.
  • Free PulseDoge Airdrop: Each holder of PulseDoge (on BSC) will receive an equal 1:1 airdrop once we launch the token on PulseChain, similar to what PulseChain is doing to ERC20 holders.
  • This coin will have a Staking feature on Pulsechain.

From their founders:

“We(PulseDoge) aim to create a thriving community with a lot of holders before PulseChain launches, and we are working out the best game theory to properly reward current holders.

So the way forward for us is to bring awareness and adoption to PulseChain by onboarding BSC users!

We are spending a lot of time and effort educating our userbase and people around us about PulseChain, and we are building real excitement for the chain’s launch over at BSC.”

We look forward to watching this project as we get closer to the launch of the Pulsechain Network. As always, please do your own due diligence and financial research on this and every other project we cover. We are an independent blog and do not endorse any projects on the Pulsechain Network.

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