Major Pulsechain Updates – When will Pulsechain launch?

The Pulsechain community just received an update on the status of the Pulsechain Network launch and when the Pulsechain Airdrop might happen. The following checklist was given to us by the official Pulsechain telegram channel: Heres the “To-Do” list before the official launch, plus some goodies!

Puslechain Main Net Minimum Viable Product

  • testnet
  • working with pHEX
  • Bridges with ETH, and other large Ethereum ERC20s
  • A possible Uniswap Frontend for Pulsechain….huge.
  • Block explorer for Puslechain and PLS.

And now we get to post Minimum Viable Product Release:

  • Trading: Pancake Swap, a fork of uniswap with LP rewards. Both ERC20 and Pulsechain 20 pairs.
  • Coin ranking sites for Pulsechain network coins/tokens. (Think Nomics, coinmarketcap).
  • Wallet to replace metamask. (who will operate this?)
  • Uniswap but doing it across chains
  • Stablecoin from Richard Heart’s own exchange.

Tons of possibilities about what is happening on the Pulsechain. And this is with tons of projects that we haven’t covered that are building on Pulsechain.

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