When Pulsechain launches, do we have to move all our coins? Explained

The official Pulsechain telegram updated its stance on how what to do with the freemium coins and coins received from sacrifice: Heres the update message:

Do I have to move Pulse within 30days?
If your wallet contains any ETH at time of fork, you will receive an equal amount of 1:1 Freemium Pulse.

To encourage use of the network, and to prevent rewarding apathy, this Freemium amount must be moved or used within 30 days. After that the Pulse network will remove the same amount of Freemium Pulse.

Since Freemium removal is done simply via accounting methods, the network can not differentiate between Freemium Pulse and Sacrifice Pulse. It’s the same coins/ticker/contract. Depending on the amount of Freemium Pulse and gas cost, it might be worth it to move all Pulse to a new a address before the 30 days are up, then move the Pulse back to avoid a deduction in the Freemium received amount.

PRC20 don’t get deleted and don’t need to be moved.

Still a bit unclear but as it stands, even if you receive freemium PLS from the ETH airdrop, you will NOT have to move the possible PLS coins you received.

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