Here’s How To Check Your Pulsechain Sacrifice and Airdrop Stats

So, some cool crypto people created an awesome and very helpful website that lets you track each and every single ETH contribution during Pulsechain‘s sacrifice phase. It allows you to enter your address and check all of your logged and recorded transactions and totals as well. It shows how many Ethereum cryptocurrency wallets have participated in total amongst other cool features: is one awesome Pulsechain resource, go check it out now!

Side note: Here are some of the latest statistics from the Pulse and PLS sacrifice:

  • Highest single donation/sacrifice was just over $29,000,000.
  • A huge majority of the sacrificed cryptocurrency was HEX.
  • The overall totals just on the Ethereum network is approaching $700,000,000. That is not including Bitcoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, etc.

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