Pulsechain’s Sacrifice Airdrop Total Contributions to date!

After less than a week of Pulsechain’s sacrifice period being open, here are some interesting facts and figures thus far that we’ve calculated and tabulated for your easy enjoyment:

  • Over $466,000,000 has been sacrificed from the Ethereum network ALONE. That doesnt include all other networks including Bitcoin. Unreal.
  • Over 2.5 Billion HEX has been sacrificed.
  • USDC sacrifices thus far are at $102,000,000. Tether is at $15,000,000. Though these are just on Ethereum’s network.
  • Dai Stablecoin cryptocurrency is holding strong at holders sacrificing almost $25,000,000.

Remember that there are only 13 days left to enter the sacrifice phase and to earn you free Pulsechain Airdrop tokens. For information about how to sacrifice for PLS Pulse Pulsechain, check out this guide.

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