Pulsechain Sacrifice is Now Officially Launched!

Its official, the day we have all been waiting for! The Pulsechain sacrifice is now live and 100% solidified details have been posted on the official website, Pulsechain.com. Here is a snippet of some of the key details:

  • The first 5 days the rate for sacrificing your coins will be the SAME. So be patient and watch this thing out the first few days.
  • The total Pulsechain Sacrifice Phase is 19 days, not longer the rumored 30.
  • The rate of pulse points will INCREASE 5% a day for the remaining 14 days. (Its up to you to see when you should enter the sacrifice phase).
  • Dont worry about the total amount you will receive from the total Pulse pool to be rewarded to sacrificers, the amount distributed will be proportional. Patience is key here.

Those are the main bullet points, but there’s a whole ton more info on the official site that was just updated: https://pulsechain.com/

Check it out and check it out FAST. Stay tuned here as we break more news about Pulsechain and the Pulse crypto launch.

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