Breaking Pulsechain News: Big Updates on Pulse coins we will get on Sacrifice day

And incase it wasnt clear, Pulsechain nor the sacrifice has not YET been launched. (as of 7/12/2021)

Here is the breaking information Richard Heart (HEX and Pulsechain founder) posted tonight in Telegram:

  • You’ll want to sacrifice from a single wallet. You’ll earn larger additional rewards the more you sacrifice out if one. Some people are even pooling their sacrifice so as to increase the chance to earn the additional rewards.
  • Sacrifice Period seems to be only 17 days and not the original 30 as was prior mentioned in Pulsechain’s Telegram.
  • In the first 3 days if you want the biggest payout. Also understand, that you may be able to buy pulse cheap on an exchange, like you could have bought cheap cheap hex after the big payday dump. So…your fine either way really if you want in to this project.
  • Relax, get in days 1-3 for the same payout (hopefully) and the new pulse tokens, as well as probably valueless erc20 token copies on the new pulse network, move those coins within 30 days, or they evaporate. Hope that some of these duplicated coins on pulsechain increase in value from the big fat zero value they will start at.
  • There is no guarantee of any returns: it’s all speculation, it’s all a gamble, stop expecting to get rich from others work, you may make some money if you have patience here, it might be a big ass flop, no one likes it, it has problems, whatever. It’s a risk, so…don’t bet the farm. You should have made some nice gains in hex, take some of those gains and invest I to this sacrifice…thats called investing.
  • The volume is based on what you put in, so not much to game there. You will get more points per dollar the sooner you get in. If you can define when the price of what you sacrifice may moon that would be the best time as long as the pump is more than the cost of waiting. Sooner is better with some luck on the swap.
  • You pay more per sac point, however you get extra 25% purchasing power and may have hex appreciation for two weeks before sacing.

Here are the infographics posted in the OFFICIAL Pulsechain Telegram tonight, 7/12/2021, as we are days before launch.

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