How much will be sacrificed in the Pulsechain launch? Poll from July 3rd

Every hour of the day there is always someone asking in the Pulsechain Telegram channel about how much will be sacrificed in total during the 40-day launch phase. Lets be honest, we all have been wondering, especially about how much Pulse (PLS) we will get with a rumored 1 TRILLION Pulse (PLS) being given to those who sacrificed. So, just yesterday, a top poster/commentor in the Pulsechain Telegram channel, Jesspitb, asked the more than 21,000+ in that channel how much we were planning on sacrificing….and here are the non-scientific polling results:

With over 2,000 votes in the poll, the results are astounding to say the least…

That is a massive amount to be sacrificed. For those of you new to the Pulsechain Ethereum fork, theres a huge upick in the amount of money (cryptocurrency assets) that will be sacrificed. The last poll taken about a week and a half ago was a bit smaller. If you want to know when the sacrifice will happen and how to go about getting in it to receive Pulse PLS tokens on the new network, check in here as we will update as news breaks. Also consider checking out the official Pulsechain social channels:

Pulsechain Official Telegram Richard Heart’s Official Twitter Feed

Check back soon, we’ll keep you updated, its coming soon!

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