What kind of returns can we expect with Pulse cryptocurrency?

How Much is Pulse Potentially Going To Be Worth?

*Here is a way for beginner/non-techy peeps (like me) to get our heads around the future “potential” value of Pulse.

** Each of Us Are Free To Manage Our Own Expectations no matter how small or how grand.
*** This is for Illustrative Purposes For You Only, I Hope It Helps You, Either Way.

(Obviously not financial advice, do your own research)

(1) OK, so “IF” Pulse performs at let’s say (less than) half of what HEX did in its first 12 months.
(Hex did over 2000×12/months) for liquid Hex holders. (double that for stakers)

(2) Based on the above, those who invested (for example) $1000 that $1000 equaled $2,000,000 (two million dollars) in 12 months.

(3) This is based on dollar value only, & what Hex actually has done, regardless of how much each token is worth, market cap, etc.

(4) Soo, one could “loosely,” say that if Pulse performs at half what Hex did in year one, each $1000 invested in the “sacrifice”, would be worth a cool million after 12 months.
($1000 x 1000x)

(5) If Pulse performed on par with Hex, then that would double to 2 million per $1000 sacrificed. In a twelve-month period.

The above is just based on dollar value and Comparing it to how Hex performed in a 12 month period.

If you think Pulse will outperform hex, just do a multiple of 2X 3x, etc., of the dollar amount you are sacrificing up or down.

For Example:

$100 = $10,0000
$500 = $50,0000
$1000 = $1,000,000

Wille pulsechain and pHEX be a second change at massive gains?

Problem is you can’t get any value over to the Pulse Chain to buy HEX cheap. You have to wait for people to convert their Ethereum tokens to pERC20 for a fraction of their Ethereum price.

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