How to Maximize Pulsechain Airdrop Profits

With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Pulsechain airdrop and launch of PLS the Pulse coin, there is come confusion about what the best strategy will be for when Pulsechain sacrifice period begins. One of the main areas of confusion is how much to sacrifice and when during the 30-day sacrifice period. A member of Pulsechain’s telegram, channel named Hodpril created this very informative chart which we all hope will give us a better idea of when to drop some coins in the sacrifice to get the 10:000 to 1 exchange of Pulse. Here’s what this chart might solve:

  • When to sacrifice….
  • What price of HEX is optimal for sacrifice to receive PLS Pulse?
  • What will the ratio of scarified coins be to receiving free Pulse coin?

As of now, we still do not have a launch date for the Pulsechain sacrifice period, but rumors are swirling around that it could be sometime before the middle of June, 2021.

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