Why Pulsechain is better than Ethereum

Here are just a few summarized points about why we believe that the Pulsechain fork will be more efficient and improved over Ethereum:

  • Lower transaction fees– One of the main, if not the main reason for the creation of the Pulsechain fork was due to the exorbitant fees the miners charge to transact any erc20 token on the Ethereum network. Just recently, fees were as high as $850 gas.
  • Proof of Stake– Arguably the best system in crypto, Pulsechain will be first of its class in bring POS, or Proof of Stake.
  • Speed– Pulsechain will prove to be produce blocks (aka transactions) up to 4 times faster than Ethereum’s network. In a system where time is money, shortening the time to complete a transaction will be very appealing to the cryptocurrency community. This includes all sorts of cryptocurrency transactions such as buying, trading, sending, swapping and selling crypto assets. Some chatter has been thrown around the Pulsechain Telegram channel that fees could be as low as a few cents, if not cheaper. Compare that to Ehtereums $20-850 fees, thats a huge reduction in cost.

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