Meet POWERCITY- A New Ecosystem Coming to PulseChain!

Joining the ranks of the Pulsechain network list of project comes POWERCITY; an ambitious project that looks to create a massive ecosystem of DeFi applications. Here is some information about POWERCITY and its team:

What is the name of your project/coin?


When do you plan on launching?

When its ready, in coding right now

Describe your project and its benefits: POWERCITY is an ecosystem of multiple defi applications and infrastructure services launching on the new PulseChain blockchain, all linked together by the CORE. The CORE is where the WATT token is staked to earn yield generated by the linked dapps in the ecosystem. As the value of the CORE’s treasury grows, it will fund staking rewards, buy back and burn of tokens and the continued expansion of the ecosystem. An extensive suite of projects have been planned and are already in various stages of development:


-Pixel Park NFT Marketplace

-Transformer Cross-Chain Swap

-Accelerator Yield Compounder

-NRG Nodes-as-a-Service

-POWERCITY PVR Metaverse and more!

Will you be offering a free airdrop/sacrifice/ICO and if so, to whom?

Sacrifice currently underway

How much will be owned by the founders of the project?

Due to sacrifice, we cannot set any expectations on profit from the work of others

Who are the members of your team?

The Long Vacation, ToshiFlo, PulseJesus, Electrifried, Simon, Tuba Terminator, Reas, Osyrin, Tripletdad007, HEXtrovert/Ty, Ivan, David, TheHeatTheEnergy, Jay

Anything further you would like to add?

POWERCITY is building new Defi on PulseChain to drive value to the community and developers. The planned dapps and infrastructure services will allow PulseChain to grow through adoption by driving new value to chain through the Transformer Bridge, securing the chain through NRG nodes, supporting devs and dapps with those same nodes and driving PLS demand by automating the Liquid Loans’ Haunted Strategy in the Accelerator Yield Compounder. The success of this ecosystem should drive value to all PLS holders.

For more information, check out the POWERCITY website, Twitter, & Telegram.

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